Friday, August 19, 2016

Delightful Day in its Own Way

It was an unexpectedly delightful day, in a way. This morning, a friend treated me to coffee and French Toast sticks at Burger King. She also gave me a pound of Dunkin' Donuts Hazelnut ground coffee and a few $5 gift cards for Smiths. You all know what's been happening in my life lately, so you know how much that meant to me.

Later in the day, I learned that I might receive some help with the financial burden. It's too soon for me to assume it will work out, but it just might. Help, as we all know, is not always monetary - there are many ways to work out the details in this type of situation. The point is that there is hope.

Meanwhile, I did postpone one bill and tried to make arrangements with the power/electric company but I'm on an equal-payment plan and because I defaulted by being behind, that's out. Still, I have a little time on that one.

On that trio of heavy cartons of books, I took them out once again this morning. The charity pick up folks called me and said they'd be by tomorrow to get them, for sure. That's a relief.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for continuing to look after me. You know what a foodie I am and how much of a treat this morning was. Meanwhile, please continue to also send patience and trust my way while the Father works this out for me. And please, please bless all my friends who have ever helped me, wanted to help me or tried to help me, and bless them abundantly.

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