Saturday, July 30, 2016

How I Deal With Life's Inconveniences

Ok, so I did finally manage to figure out how to hook up my old analog tv, vcr, converter box and indoor antenna. 

Ok, so I messed up when trying to set the converter box/tv to either channel 3 or 4 and now I can't get any pictures on the screen and cannot find the converter box manual. 

Ok, so I cannot watch anything in the living room now. Big deal.

So, I went into the kitchen and found half a big old chocolate chip muffin. Ate that.

Took some of my yogurt and added some chopped berries and peaches. Ate that.

Found out I had a few tablespoons, more like a cup, of vanilla ice cream in the freezer and some diet root beer soda in the closet - yep, makings of a root beer float. Ate that.

Oh, and I found a fun size bag of M&Ms in the fridge. Yep. Ate those, too.

I feel a lot less stressed now and a lot happier.

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