Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Blessed are the Poor

A few folks who were milling around a facility I visited this morning reaffirmed what I've always noticed and known: folks with the least in this life are the most grateful and often the most giving. It has always amazed me and also warmed my heart.

Most of these folks were much worse off than I am. We all chatted back and forth, comparing notes, sharing helpful information and even finding things to laugh about.

I heard more "I am so grateful for..." comments here, in the midst of some very sad situations than I do among folks I know who have more than I have ever had, even in my best earning years.

I heard more expressions of simple faith among them than I have at times at church.

And I heard more information shared here than I have at the places where this type of information is normally supposed to be offered.

Sweet Jesus, bless these folks abundantly for their humble and honestly grateful attitudes, and for their faith in you.

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