Friday, June 3, 2016

This Foodie is in BIG Trouble

Every once in a while, I get cravings for an Arby's Jamocha Shake. I've been able to hold them down to a few times a year, but the last few I had, it seemed to me that the flavor isn't as strong as it used to be. Of course, maybe I'm jaded and crave a bigger dose of the "jamocha."

An online search gave me two recipes for DIY "copycat" Arby's Jamocha Shakes. How great is that?

This weekend, I only need to pick up one or two things - I have everything else here in the house. And I'm gonna whip me up a big, BIG batch. I'll pack it into peanut butter jars and freeze them.
When this Vegas heat has me hot and thirsty and craving a "jamocha shake fix," I can yank one from my freezer, defrost, and indulge.

The great thing is that I know I don't need a lot to satisfy myself these days. Often, a few sips or a few bites of something I'm craving will be enough. This way, I can keep my bad foodie self from going overboard, and from spending when I don't need to be doing that.

I'll let you all know how these turn out. And if you want, I'll post the link(s) to the recipe(s). I think I'll do the lo-cal one first - it uses Splenda and instead of the chocolate syrup they call for, I know Hershey's has a sugar-free version.

I can't wait - I can't wait - I really can't wait...

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