Friday, June 3, 2016

Levels of Gratitude

A friend tonight received an unexpected blessing and I was so happy for her. I thought she would be happy, too, but instead, I heard her express regret that it hadn't been more of a blessing.

It made me realize something.

I don't ever, ever want to be that way. Not even for a second. But, being human, it could happen. When an unexpected repair or obligation surfaces, I could easily be blessed and follow with, "...but, Lord, you know I also need..."

I have so, so many things I am grateful for.

Some might think about how I can't afford to replace/fix my ceiling fans and how that affects my comfort in our Vegas heat, but I am so grateful that my air conditioning works. So far, I can even pay the electric/power bill and not be in arrears. Two years ago, I couldn't say that.

Some might say they don't know how I'm paying my non-shelter bills each month and worry that I might be too worried about them, but I am grateful that somehow, I continue to meet those obligations and more easily than I could two years ago.

Some might remind me that I do still have an unidentified leak in my roof, but I am grateful that with a friend's help, I was able to fresh-coat my roof last fall which will help a lot in this summer's heat. Eventually, we'll figure out where that water in coming in - it isn't often, and it isn't much.

And some might feel sad for me because I don't have children or relatives nearby for help or moral/financial support, but I have been in this community for 16 years and have more friends than I ever expected to have at this point in my life.

I am not blessed; I am WELL-blessed. Thank you, Lord!

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