Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Plans for Today

Let's see. I will be prepping the veggies and defrosting the ham bone (with lots of meat on it) for overnight crock pot cooking - zucchini, lots of other veggies with ham bone and barley soup.

During the day, I will also be pulling out a few things to be picked up by Safe Nest in the morning. They want it outside by 7 a.m. - a former neighbor dropped some of her things off yesterday to add to the pickup. I just need to stuff about two large bags to be ready.

You might remember my talking about that crocheted Barbie/Ken canoe project of mine as a surprised for another neighbor's great granddaughter. Well, believe it or not, I think I have the courage to assemble it today. I need to neatly (the key word is "neatly") attach the two seats inside the canoe, cut the 12" 1/4-inch dowel down to 9", insert that into the oar cover, and attach the oar handle. I really do think it will be finished tonight.
Along the way, I learned that the girl is 10 and loves her ballet lessons and the color purple. I found the cutest little fashion doll ballet outfit - leggings, tutu, and slippers. I'd really be happy if I found the right colors in my crochet thread stash - that part will be fun. The canoe is not (key word is "not") fun but it does look good - so far.

One of my "invisible" charity crafters stopped by yesterday. She and her hubby run into town several times a year from about 70 miles away. They dropped off a ton of wee fresh apricots. I hope to prep 1/3 for the freezer today, 1/3 tomorrow, and keep the others handy for easy grabbing in the fridge.

Stuffing the canoe seats is an issue. I had no fiberfill in the house. I did discover two packs of jumbo white pom poms and found that a pair of them fit inside the seat covers. They might be too fat but I'll see before I sew them in. If they do not look right, maybe I can use some felt, cut and folded to the thickness I need - that might work. I do have a lot of 12" felt squares in here.

Along the way, as I come across things, and I do every day, I put things aside for a drop either this weekend or early next week (before we hit the 1-teens (112 and up), to a family I know - they always have someone among them who can use what I no longer need or want.

So, for now, that is the plan. What about your day??? Any plans?

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