Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Breast Cancer Questions

Without disclosing my friend's name, I'd love answers to a few questions about breast cancer treatment in today's world. 
My own cancer (Stage 3 Colon Cancer which had spread to the lymph nodes) was back in '99, and the friends I know who had breast cancer also had it at least a decade ago.

My questions now are about current treatments, side effects, and ability to function if you are a senior at home alone.

We are worried that the treatment might/would debilitate her to the extent she could not get around at home alone. She is, like me, not a spring chicken but she is not an ancient old biddy, either. I don't think she has a pet to worry about during this treatment period.

She doesn't have enough money to bring someone in during that time.

She, like me, doesn't have family who can give her some help.

We are trying not to over-think this too early in the game. Results should come back late this week or next, so we do not even know the extent or type.

I almost hesitate to post this - I don't want to blow her mind with talk of mastectomies and such. So, may I ask you to keep replies as helpful and upbeat as possible?

All that said, and all those questions asked - add this: Please, please keep this dear and generous and loving friend in your prayers while she deals with this matter?

Sweet Lord Jesus, once again, I come to you, asking you to help a friend in need. Nothing is too small for your help (the water into wine) or too large (feeding the thousands with so little), so I know this is something you can handle. Please just take a moment to look in my friend's direction and send her all the love and comfort and wisdom she needs at this time. I trust in you.

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