Saturday, May 14, 2016

Our Group's All Time Totals

For those of you who never see our monthly senior mobile home park's newsletter, here's what we shared in our April issue...our team still can't figure out how we did it but we just did it one item, lovingly made, at a time. Funny how it slowly adds up - and this doesn't even include things like bibs and other things.

We're happy to have somehow managed to still be around after 7 years. The Maycliff Sunshine Charity Crafters began in April 2009. During that time, we have made, by hand, and distributed to local needy, the following:
Hats                     1462
Afghans                 224
Scarves                  598
Shawls                   224
Gloves                   509
Slippers                   82
Baby Hats              611
Baby Jackets           27
Baby Blankets       338

That's an overall total of 4,075 different items we made and gave away.

When we began back in '09, by the 2nd week, we had 4 members and we have averaged that over the years. We are always amazed at how small amounts add up to big totals, little by little.

As for the members, of those first 4 members, we still have 2 who are actively involved in the group. Folks come and go but we hold steady. We have been blessed with some amazing and dedicated members.

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