Saturday, May 14, 2016

I'm a Little Worried This Month

I've been trying so very hard to hold it all together. Thankfully, faith has pulled me gently over many rough spots, some of which none of you will probably never be aware of. It's been a long time since I've asked for prayers for personal issues, but tonight I am asking that. 

Without giving particulars, please pray that I will have patience while the Lord works things out for me? 

I know we're supposed to have such intense faith that we do not even worry, but I'm all too human and once in a while, even now, the worry does creep in. So, without much else, prayers, please, my friends?

There have been many sweet blessings of many different types this month for which I am eternally grateful. Extra food coming in from unexpected places, the ability to stretch the food I've got, in healthy ways, a small Etsy order, and other delightful surprises.

Sweet Lord Jesus, you know my concerns. You know how very grateful I am for so many things. But I need a big dose of patience to keep my faith afloat over the next two weeks. Thank you for always being there and for understanding. Forgive me, please, for asking for myself when I know so many who are in stronger need. Please take care of them first, but please don't forget to look in my direction afterward?

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