Thursday, May 19, 2016

Getting My Priorities Straight

These past two years since my nephew passed away, I seem to be drifting. Well, not exactly drifting.

I've got several commitments that keep me tethered. 

I do our monthly senior mobile home community newsletter, on a volunteer basis - writing, printing, stapling and even delivering some.

I've got our park's charity crafting group to oversee - my own crochet projects, collecting the other member's projects, documenting and distributing finished projects, and gathering and storing/sharing donated supplies/yarn.

Because I've got to stay healthy and outlive my poor little plus-size shelter kitty (I'm the only human she trusts, save for one other person in the park) so that she doesn't have to re-adjust, I make a lot of meals from scratch, prepare slow cooker meals and freeze them, prep fresh fruits and veggies.

I have this blog which I used to update each evening but now I sometimes miss a few days. Still, it gives me one more commitment to keep me tethered to reality.

There is also my Etsy shop and off and on, I put things in and take things out.

Holding all this together is my faith. If it weren't for that, I'm not sure I'd have any sense of purpose. Even with faith, I find myself scattering my efforts. That's what I was thinking about when I said I was drifting.

These commitments are not overwhelming. Some of them have specific deadlines; others do not. But aside from that, I often find myself wondering why I'm doing this instead of doing that, wondering why I didn't start de-cluttering instead of doing something else.

In other words, I think I am not using my time wisely. I need to re-set my priorities and get them straight. I also wonder if I should be doing some things that I've never done before, or stop doing things I've been doing too long.

Sweet Jesus, you lived here on earth. You worked with Joseph in the shop. You had friends who had many obligations. You understand how life can get in the way of our best intentions, so I'm asking you for help in getting my priorities in order. Help me to sense the Father's plan for me at this point in my life and to follow his lead. I don't want to waste the time he has given me on this earth, and overlook something that perhaps he needs me to do for him. Thank you.

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