Sunday, April 10, 2016

Yard Sale Prep and Sorting Update

A few days ago, I filled you in on the results of my weekend doing our Spring Park Wide Yard Sale in this post. I promised to write about how I made out with my food prep (in this post) and how I sorted what I had left on the driveway after the sale.

Food prep, first. I was so happy with my efforts at getting food ready and handy for the 3 days and I actually didn't even use all that I prepped. My breakfast (read the food prep post) was ready to just open up and splash with milk each morning as soon as I was ready to sit, ready for possible visitors. The snacks actually lasted not only the 3 days, but into the next 3 days, so it was great. Having food prepped and ready after the fact was far better than being hungry and tired and not feeling at all like putting something together during one of those labor-intensive (for me) days.

Sorting, next. In the past, what I always did was carry 4 boxes down the driveway and plop them in front of the two long tables and the two card tables, then plop everything from one table into its box, and so on. Then I went to the other side of the drive, and did the same with what was left on top of the boxes I'd upended and used for "tables." The problem with that was that I always ended up stashing 10 or 12 cartons of unsorted "stuff" back in my shed until I got the ambition to go in and re-sort them all.

This time, I thought I'd be smart.

I already knew I'd need a box for Safe Nest (a local charity) and a box for a dear friend who has less than I do and her family loves it when I drop "stuff" off and at least one box for the shed. Along the way I also realized I had a few things that would be great for the local homeless. I had quite a few braces and bandages (for knees, elbows, etc.) so I tossed them in that box.

Anyhow, I labeled the boxes and walked down to the first table, grabbed stuff, walked back to the boxes and tossed some things in one box, some in another, and so on. I think you are probably already ahead of me here. Wait for it - it took me 1-1/2 hours! I was too tired to realize I was wasting energy walking back and forth and back and forth.

The good thing was that I only took 2 boxes back for the shed instead of my usual 10. Another good thing was that the boxes on my drive are sorted and packed and being disbursed. The bad thing was that I didn't work "smart" and put a, say, Safe Nest box, down near the tables and just pull off the SN stuff and fill that one, then so on. I could have put one box per destination down there, filled it, and made it easy. I did learn from it, and I did save my re-sorting, for sure - I am very happy about that.

But I found my feet so sore by the time I carried the last folded table to the back, and by the time I carried the 2 2x4s back (I had them on the ground as supports for a bunch of upended cartons which served as "tables") and then the 3 cinder blocks (supporting the 2x4s), that I could barely walk the 3 houses down to visitor parking to retrieve my car.

By the time I got the car back to the driveway, I gazed at the 4 back steps and figured if I could get myself up those, and into the shower, I could probably get myself out of the shower. I already knew what I would have for dinner - one of my freezer meals was defrosted.

All in all, it went well until the end. I'm not sure if I'll do the one in October. I think all I'll have left then is tons and tons of crochet (mine) and knit (Jane's and even my mom's from the 40s!) patterns and craft notions and perhaps Christmas stuff. Hmmm - sounds like enough for just one more time. 
Gotta at least give it a try and I have six months to heal and to prepare.

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