Saturday, April 23, 2016

Very Un-Productive Day

I had an absolutely, positively, definitely, for sure, un-productive day.

That said, it will affect each of you in a different way.

Some of you will sigh and nod their heads and admit that they, too, had that kind of a day.

Then there are those of you who had the kind of day that I planned to have but didn't. For you, you will feel, righteously so, smug and satisfied because you accomplished something today. Good for you.
I guess I did do one thing - or maybe two.

I took the clutter of costume jewelry I've got and organized it. I need to do that every year or so. During the year, I grab earrings, or push stuff around looking for that pair, or slide aside a pair that no longer stays on when I wear them. So today, I looked at everything, tossed out broken ones, put aside two pair to give away. I even got the earrings into an 18-count egg carton and filled each hole with one pair, making it easy to grab and wear at will.

I also made one (yep, one) baby hat for the charity craft stash.

But that's about it.

So if you did about the same as I did, at least we are not alone.

And if you did better than I did, maybe I will top you tomorrow, or the next day.

All in good time. 

I have decided that life has enough unexpected stress built into it, enough so that I don't plan to add to that. So I had a quiet day - so what?

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