Sunday, April 24, 2016

Safe in the Father's Arms

There are many times when I stretch out under an afghan on a chair or couch, or crawl under the blanket at night in bed, when I imagine myself safe in the Father's arms.

I find myself feeling warm and cozy and I smile. I've found that imagining the Father holding me is an incredibly peaceful feeling.

For many folks, having a father's arms protecting them is something they can only imagine because they never personally experienced it. But there's no reason we cannot imagine that feeling.

My own dad was an alcoholic but there were times when we knew he really loved us even though he was "out of it." So at least I did know a father's love even if it was sporadic.

But there are other things I've never experienced - like having a baby. I could never carry past 8 weeks and I had several severe miscarriages. But that doesn't stop me from loving children and it didn't stop me from helping to raise a few or from making things to donate to needy mothers and babies.

So what I'm saying is that God gave us this incredible gift we call "imagination." With it, we can bring on a wonderful sensation of peace by just imagining the Father's arms when we are in need of that safe feeling.

Father, thank you for blessing us with our imaginations. Thank you for blessing us with the ability to imagine you holding us and comforting us. There is no father or mother or protector on earth who can compare with the unlimited comfort you can bring to us if we but open ourselves up to it. Thank you!

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