Saturday, April 2, 2016

Faith is Easy but Waiting is Difficult

I've been worried about the toilet running constantly and issues connected with it. It's one of the things I needed this yard sale money for this weekend. Thankfully, I think I received enough to cover it. I tried to contact one person to fix it, a resident we all know, but got no reply. 

Prayed hard about which of the other 2 or 3 names I had on my handyman list I should try next. That was around 3 today.

Around 7, a friend stopped by to tell me she had to go out of town in a hurry for a family emergency and we talked for some reason about plumbing and she mentioned her recent troubles and she used one of those people on my list - I figured the Lord sent me my answer - so I called this fellow and left a message and now I've got to stop and leave it up to the Lord to handle the timing.

Sometimes the most difficult part of having faith is having the patience needed while we wait for the Lord to work out the timing and other details. I'm not always good at that but I try to distract myself during those times so I do not worry more than I need to.

Sweet Jesus, thank you for sending me a rather clear answer to who I should call for this repair. Now I need you to send me all the patience and faith I need to wait it out and trust you on the timing.

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