Monday, March 28, 2016

Prayers for Others

Sometimes there is nothing we can personally do except offer our prayers for others. Tonight I was asked to do this for two different people.

One is the husband of an out-of-state friend who I've never met but who sent us many items for our charity crafting distribution over the years, a long-time friend of one of our members. This fellow was put into the hospital on Easter Sunday night with some intestinal problems. He needs prayers.

The other is a young man who has lost both of his kidneys and is on dialysis. They don't think he has a chance for a transplant and has no money to pay for anything. He needs prayers too.

Father, Holy Spirit, and Lord Jesus, please hear our prayers for these two in need of your compassion, mercy and healing. Strengthen them in every way they need, and also for their loved ones who are trying to help and who are worried.

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