Saturday, March 12, 2016

Prayers Answered in Wondrous Ways Plus Treats

Last night I was not looking forward to this morning's errand. I had to see my mechanic about my dangling driver side mirror. 

I had planned something else for this morning. I was annoyed with life's inconvenient turn of events. With a heavy, martyr-worthy sigh, I hauled myself over there this morning. It was chilly and a bit raw from the heavy winds and light showers overnight. I had to wear a jacket and keep the window open, propping the mirror housing over the window opening. It kept bumping into my turn-signal hand. I was not happy but I knew I had to deal with it right away.

He opens at 7, and I planned to be the first one there. When I pulled up, all his bays were already open, not a usual thing. I told him the problem and mentioned that I might also need an oil change.

I got away without an oil change. I don't drive great distances and he says I really have another 2,000 miles to go before I need one.

At this point, I had figured the best they could do was glue the housing back onto the car, or worst case scenario, duct tape it to the car.

Also at this point, things were already taking a wonderful turn of events. I got in a bit earlier than I expected to. I didn't need an oil change. And, he said two of his guys were good at this sort of thing and they'd fix it right up.

It did take a little time, however. His technician actually took it off, took it apart, and made sure everything inside was right and proper. They also had to wait for the glue, or silly putty, or whatever they use, dried enough to hold. I was just thrilled to have that detailed a job done when I expected far less. By 8:30, I was leaving the lot.

More wonderful turns of events. While waiting, he treated me to a cup of coffee from his Keurig. My wait time was far less than I expected. And after assembly, I can once again adjust that mirror electrically. For five years, I've had to fix that one by reaching out the window and tapping at the corners or edges.

I guess what I'm saying is that my morning went wonderfully well. The very morning that I dreaded the night before. But then, I had put it in His hands when I went to bed. And as always, he took very good care of me.

Lord Jesus, thank you for coming to my aid once again. And forgive me for even that brief spell of resistance and concern. It is very hard for us humans to completely relax and depend on you, but I am trying a little harder each day.

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