Sunday, March 20, 2016

Plastic Canvas Button-Face Angels

Here's a photo of the plastic canvas, satin ribbon, button-face angels I love to make and give away. 

Originally, the pattern called for hot-gluing a fat round bead at the top but that was so awkward for me and so awkward for anyone to carry flat with them. I thought about it a lot, for a long time, and one day, the light went on and I went prowling through my 17 billion buttons.

For these, the 1/2 inch buttons work best. And choosing only 2-hole buttons works best, too, because then the button holes look like little eyes.

Anyhow, this is the latest batch I made. I need to sort some more buttons and get some more started.
I think I still have the paper pattern somewhere but I've done so many of them, I just save one in my project container and use it as a template.

I'm also working on a crocheted button-face angel but I'm not completely satisfied with the button size - soon as I get that worked out, I'll share.

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