Sunday, March 20, 2016

Baby Jackets for Charity Crafters

I promised to post photos of the baby jackets our charity crafting team favors. This pattern is found at this link. The designer doesn't permit anyone to sell anything made from her pattern - it is free, though, for charity crafting purposes and for personal use and personal gift giving.

The pattern is for baby sport yarn and a G hook. In these photos, I used worsted weight and an H hook. The pink-and-burgundy one wasn't planned that way. I ran out of pink midway down the body and found some burgundy.

I love that this works from the top down and doesn't require sewing pieces together. I am terrible at that. In this pattern, you start at the neck, come down with the yoke and then separate with a chain to leave armholes, and finish off the jacket. Then you go back and attach under the arms and just work the sleeves on down. For me, it is very simple and I can knock one out in a day, but prefer to do it over 2 days. The worsted and H hook used 6.5 oz, just FYI.

I will try to take some nicer photos but hopefully these will give you an idea, especially for those interested in charity crafting.

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