Monday, February 22, 2016

What I Expect From A Quick and Rushed Prayer

I realize that some folks prefer to do deep breathing or some other type of holistic technique when something happens to stress them out. I prefer a quick and heartfelt prayer.

Today I had two situations that had me praying, big time

While I was eating my bowl of cold cereal, my bottom dentures broke in half - again. I have super-glued them time and again for the past few years. I need new ones but can't afford that for a long while to come - must pay off other stuff first. Still, the super glue has worked for various lengths of time. The longest it has held was 7 months, one time a year ago. This time, it was 3 months. So, up went my rushed and stressed and heartfelt prayer.

Then I realized that it happened at home (once it happened in the car on a round of errands). I realized that I wasn't eating anything really chewy (I allowed my cold cereal to get a bit more soggy and finished it). I realized that I have the glue on hand (sometimes I must go and buy it when that happens). So, the prayer was not for a solution because I know that will take time. The prayer was to keep me calm and thinking while I dealt with it and my timing today.

The other situation was my fridge. I've only had it for 3 years, but it's out of warranty. When I came home from errands this morning, I put away the perishables. An hour later, I went to the fridge and it was dark inside. I almost freaked out. Up went a rushed and heartfelt prayer.

I called a friend who does handyman work and asked him how to tell if it was the fridge or the bulb. He said the easiest way was to swap out the bulb. I didn't want to have to run out to buy a bulb, come home, and find it was the fridge instead and all my food was being ruined. Thankfully, my prayer resulted in my being able to calm down and think a little more clearly. I have a little light in the hood over my gas stove. I swapped it and the light inside the fridge came back on. It was the bulb after all. I'll get another tomorrow.

Sweet Jesus, thank you for always being there for me. I know that sometimes I ask for things that are not in God's plan for my life and that I cannot always have things my way. But I do thank you for helping me to de-stress and think clearly, for helping me to get through the bumps on life's road. Thank you for coming here and living here and therefore understanding our human natures and troubles. I am very grateful.

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