Saturday, February 20, 2016

Christ and Civic Duty and NV Caucus

I was thinking about the NV Caucus, today for Democrats and next week for Republicans. A caucus is different from a primary. Like many of us, I prefer a primary. It's easy; it's quick - appear and vote and go home. Done. But here in NV, we switched to the caucus process in 2008. It is time-consuming for voters.

We know that Christ told us to "render to Caesar..." but sometimes we are tempted to draw the line at our own comfort level. It's a pain. It's cutting into my time. It's sometimes argumentative. I don't like it.

Then I began thinking about Christ and the Holy Family. The whole story revolving around Christmas involves Joseph taking his wife on a long journey to simply do his civic duty.

Am I better than that man? Am I better than Mary? I'm certainly not heavy with child (I'm 76!). I'm certainly not riding on a donkey (I'm in my 15-yr-old Saturn). I'm certainly not traveling many miles over sand and hills and often in the dark (I'm 1-1/2 miles away from the caucus site).

So, cranky as I may feel about this, I see that it's something that I should do and must do if I am to have a say in who I vote for in the general elections later in the process.

Sweet Jesus, if Joseph had not performed his civic duty over 2,000 years ago, our Christmas story could have been much different. I have no idea how much of a difference it would have made, but he showed us that we all should take this seriously. Thank you for adjusting my attitude. Help me to follow the Father's will when I make my decision.

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