Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Home Made Cranberry Relish/Sauce, etc.

The other day I mentioned I was making something in my slow cooker with fresh cranberries and other fruit. I hope to be more specific this weekend and show a photo or two of the results.
I don't know what to call it. In my head, I call it Cranberry Relish but it could be a sauce or a fruit compote, too, I suppose.

The whole pot full of joy only cost me $1 (plus electricity, of course) because I had found a real deal on 2 one-pound bags of fresh cranberries at my Albertsons one day, at only $0.50 a bag. I tossed them in the pot. 

Then I diced two nice apples from my drawer - they were free, actually, because of a surprise donation of food in our park, as were the two pears I also diced and tossed into the pot. At the end, I found a small orange I peeled and cut. I sprinkled lots of ground ginger in there, too.

When I packaged it all today for the freezer, I used some empty peanut butter jars I recycle just for freezing. They are so handy. I ended up filling 5 jars. Four went into the freezer and the one is in the fridge. I will use the relish/sauce whatever way strikes my fancy. I am so happy with the way it turned out and the flavor.

I think I'll make a loaf of sliced whole grain bread that fell into my fridge from one of Smiths freebies and turn it into slices of French Toast this weekend. I don't eat tons of bread any longer but this way I might use it up by taking a slice once or twice a week from the freezer, if it is already made and ready to eat (almost).

See, I know myself and I am a creature of impulse when it comes to food. 

But if I have things ready to grab and I have already made sure they are reasonably healthy for me, that is a double-treat. It gives me convenience and it keeps me from buying, or grabbing, all the awful stuff I'm drawn to normally. 

I have to protect me from myself...taking a little time once in a while to make batches means I've got the stuff handy when I crave something quick, easy and delicious.

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