Monday, October 5, 2015

The Yard Sale This Past Weekend - Update

Usually I take part in all 3 days of these Park Wide Yard Sales in our senior mobile home community (twice a year) but this time I only did it Friday and Saturday. They predicted rain during the night or early on Sunday morning. I knew I could never tear it down in the middle of a sudden downpour, so I took it down around 6:30 Saturday evening.

All in all, it was not best of my weekend yard sales and it was not the worst.

In total, I took in a whopping $51. Last year, I took in about $150. BUT, there were times in the past when the family friend who lived here with me (now deceased), and I, didn't even take in $20 the whole three days.

We had a lot of visitors/traffic on Friday, about half as much on Saturday. I don't know about Sunday - I didn't really watch out the window to see.

Meanwhile, I've de-cluttered just a bit more, and I can certainly say I got some much needed physical activity. Not too shabby.

Oh, and a BONUS - while trying to display some pieces, an old American Tourister suitcase (old - without wheels!) kept taunting me when I tried to figure out how to open it. A dear friend/neighbor, who was helping me start and finish the day's set up and tear down, opened it for me. I decided to display it open wide, and I further decided to open any and all flaps, compartments. To my surprise, one portion still had some music CDs stashed in it! Right now, I'm listening to one of them - 24 Nat King Cole favorites! Among the others are some by Ella Fitzgerald, a Billie Holiday, some Beethoven, some jazz and more. How cool is that?

Yesterday and today, I mostly healed. It rained today, and probably will a little tomorrow. So, I'm earmarking Wednesday and/or Thursday to return things to the shed if I'm putting them back out in the Spring, and to pack some things for charity pick up, and to put some in one spot in the shed for sale in our monthly park newsletter.


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

You had a busy couple of days. I've done sales where there was no income. People just looked, cause I did not have what they wanted. But they always gravitated to the boxes of "free" stuff though and left with lots of stuff. Oh Well.

Evelyn Mayfield said...

I know what you mean. Many were looking for tools, ammo and real gold jewelry - and many others were looking for whatever I didn't have. However, I did get rid of a lot of my costume jewelry, mostly earrings. Happily I promised myself nothing goes back inside the house - it's either picked up by charity, or sold via our park newsletter, or saved in the shed until the Spring sale.