Monday, October 5, 2015

God is SO Good to This Child of His, Especially Tonight

We just had a lot of rain today and about half an hour ago, a thunderstorm finally stopped. The rain came down sometimes light, sometimes steady, and a few times, in gully-washing downpours. 

During one of the heaviest downpours, I was adjusting the indoor TV antenna on my non-contract TV, when I felt drops on my hands. Yep - my ceiling was dripping. I quickly turned off the set and switched off the power strip, too, at the bottom. I got a fairly big pot and placed it on top of the TV. 

I took a few deep breaths and started to think about how to handle the situation.

Now, I have friends who I love dearly, who would freak out and rant and rave and pull an "oh for Pete's sake, what next?" moment or something similar. 

For me, that's a complete waste of what energy I have left in this bod and soul.

I know my old mobile home has an old-fashioned roof and it should have been re-coated about five years ago. I figure there must be a little crack up there that needs patching right now. I do not have the funds. What I had on hand went last month for brakes for the car. I don't regret it or resent it - it's simply a fact.

So - here's my take on this. God was very good to me by giving me a head's up on this. When this rain stops, I'll get this one shop I know of to come out and give me a free estimate so I know what a patch will cost. Oh, by the way, other than those first few drops, nothing else happened! The pot is dry - so far.

I'll probably get him to give me a updated estimate on re-coating it while he's here, too. I had him out here over five years ago to do a quick patch so I trust him.

Father, I must take a moment to thank you and to ask your protection and blessing. You gave me advanced warning that something needs to be done soon. If funds come my way, or I easily figure a way to get them, I'll know where to put them. You blessed me several ways tonight. The leakage, so far, was minimal and light. The top of the TV is so flat, the pot sits there safely. It was a warning I will heed. It did not damage the TV. I was home and in the room when it happened so I was quickly aware of it. I am thrilled with all the ways you helped me tonight and protected this child of yours. Thank you for loving me so much. Keep my eyes open to the way you want me to deal with this.  

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