Thursday, October 29, 2015

Practicing Patience In Our Instant World

I've always had more patience than a lot of my friends. A lot of that is because when I was growing up, between 8 and 16 years of age, I had rheumatic fever and an enlarged heart. Back in the 40s, the common treatment was complete bed rest and no physical activity. 

Well, we managed to keep me out of bed, and in school, but I was not allowed to swim, roller skate, iron, run a vacuum, play in the snow with the other kids (this was in Philly!), play dodge ball or hopscotch or even skip rope, among other things. I never felt deprived because I quickly learned to live inside a book. The Lord taught me, very young, to be patient.

Still, we humans are a selfish lot, I suspect, by nature. 

In today's world, this is especially true. We are spoiled by finding quick answers online. And we expect them to be what we "ordered" in our shopping cart in our prayers. 

The past month has been a little stressful but the solution is just a short way off. I will be able to get the roof sealed and coated. That's a given now. And the contractor is ready and willing to do mine ASAP. That's also a given. So, tonight, he and I were back and forth in emails. Basically, we are watching the weather. 

It rained here in our mobile home community a few times during the night - not heavy, but steady, and not long. Again, in the morning, and twice later in the day. So, it is a waiting game, and in spite of our "instant world," if there's one thing this old gal has, it's patience when it is needed. He'll let me know by 8 tomorrow morning because if all goes well, he can do it tomorrow.

And if the weather is not in agreement, well, we'll just wait until it is in agreement.

Father, I know some folks thought, when I was a little girl, that my life was hard, not being able to play actively with the other kids. But I have always been thankful for the patience you taught me way back then. For now, I am really excited about the roof work and prayerfully blessing everyone connected with it. I'll be ready when you are.

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