Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Zoo in Dire Need of Prayer

Locally, well, about 50 miles from my home in Las Vegas, there is a small zoo - Roos-N-More. It is owned by veterinarians. It is in distress. It has faced many obstacles, official county problems, and more, in the past few years. It is the only zoo in our area at this time.

They have only 5 weeks to comply with many conditions set forth by our County Commission. Some of these will not be too difficult to deal with. However, people who live near the zoo are complaining about noise (some from the animals, some from the desired visitors) and the smell (hopefully, all from the animals). 

A short while ago, they were closed while they complied with the requirement of public restrooms. They had to drum up donations but they managed to do it.

As a Catholic, I often pray to a favorite Saint. This isn't because I believe this saint is more powerful than, or equal to, the Creator or his Son. It's just because this blessed person led such a special life that I, and others, believe they have found favor with their maker, and hopefully, have some influence. 

Right now, I am aiming my prayers at St. Francis of Assisi, known to love all God's creatures, especially the animals.

I am concerned on two levels. 

I do not want to pray for what I want, or what the zoo owners want, if that is not God's will. So I must pray for what is His will. And I hope the zoo owners will be able to somehow deal with placing all those creatures in good homes, if they cannot comply and must close down for good.

I do want to pray for the well-being of those animals. That is the prime need. But it would be such a shame if such a loving enterprise had to shut down. Our area's children and even the adults sorely need such a place within an hour's drive. We all need to escape; we all need to see God's handiwork up close and personal.

By the way, here is the link to their website, so you can read all about the animals they do shelter.

Father, please hear the prayers of those crying for help for these loving people who are trying to help your creatures. They love all the animals who have come their way. And they happily share them with visitors. Please bless them with whatever they need at this stressful time. Above all, we pray that the animals, in particular, are not stressed in any way while we wait for your resolution to this matter. We trust in your wisdom.

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