Monday, June 29, 2015

More Product for My Etsy Shop - Tomorrow

I've had some things made and ready for my Etsy shop for a while now. My biggest hurdle is taking the photos for the listings. I am not in love with that part of the process.

However, I thought I was ready to take the photos over the weekend and then I discovered that I had put my digital camera in a "safe place" and couldn't remember where it was.

This morning I found it. Today I went into a photo frenzy. Tomorrow I will upload the photos, compress them, and lighten/darken as needed. If not tomorrow, then sometime this week, I'll begin adding the items. It's nothing big this time but there are lots of variations of my smaller items.

The 4th isn't until Saturday but already, tonight, I am hearing folks in here setting off what I hope are the "safe and sane" fireworks that our county allows. They began selling them this weekend. My kitty will be a wreck by the time Saturday gets here. With our dry heat, I am always worried about stray sparks, too.

I finished off a few more of my Rustic Crocheted Wall Crosses (tucked in ends, etc.) for the shop. And I made two more scrubbies with the scraps. I tuck the scrubbies away for sudden and last-minute thank-you gifts to keep on hand.

Tomorrow I really should/must take a count of all the things I've accumulated from our charity crafting team - everything that relates to babies this time. I know I have enough for a delivery to the local agency we donate to - possibly this week - next, at the latest.

All in all, it wasn't a bad day. I hope that most of you had a fairly good day, too.

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