Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Troubles of Others Make Mine Seem Trivial

It is easy to feel stressed about our own troubles. Things like yet another session with broken dentures, or financial concerns, or repairs that still cannot get done – it all seems important.

Then I start to think about some friends and their trouble.

One dear friend is distraught over her Stage 4 Kidney Disease. She is facing either dialysis or a transplant. Considering she is also elderly (she will kill me for using that word), and a caregiver for a disabled husband, this is a mess for her.

Now I find out a fellow in my senior mobile home community is also in a bind. In addition to his being disabled, and now alone, he was just hit with a double whammy this week. Both his swamp cooler and his fridge went out on him. Plus, during the repairs, somehow something electric went flooey and now none of his kitchen outlets work and he faces wiring repairs.

These poor folks are in far worse straits than I am.

Sweet Jesus, thank you for reminding me of how blessed I am. But I am very concerned about these friends. Please turn your healing and loving attention to them and their lives today. Please bless them with whatever they need to deal with these troubles. Give them strength and patience, and healing. Yet not my will, but the Father’s, be done.

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