Thursday, May 14, 2015

Busy Few Days but Productive

Slowly, I’ve been re-building my stash of things for my freezer. 

Today, I made a slow cooker chili. This one has three different beans (red, white and black). In addition to tonight’s supper, I froze seven more meals. Earlier this week, I made little ground turkey burgers, sort of mini-meatloaves. I was able to freeze half a dozen of those. 
This weekend, I plan to make a slow cooker pea soup with the meaty ham bone that’s in the freezer. I really love being able to yank something out in the morning and let it defrost. It’s a convenience food but it’s still home-made and healthier than most of what is in the stores.

One day next week, I hope to try a healthy version of a chicken stew. I’ve quit using flour almost totally. I found something on the web that offered several alternatives. For the creamy look and texture, and for almost the same flavor, I can choose to puree either white beans or brown rice. They will each add that thickening that I need for a stew. Can’t wait to see (I mean, taste) how it works out.

Last week, I was busy trying to de-clutter my back driveway area. I did manage to do all but two small boxes. Hopefully, I can finish that this weekend. Then I need to rearrange some things and make a little sitting area back there. What a treat that will be. 

When our Las Vegas heat hits, I do NOT want to be cooking in the house. And I do NOT want to be de-cluttering. So, I am trying to get all of this done now.

Even with all of this activity, I’m not as sore and stiff and achy as I was this time last year. That slight weight loss really made more of a difference than I expected.

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