Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Prayers Needed, Big Time, for Dear Friend

Short and sweet but heartfelt plea for dear friend – she’s just been told she has Stage 4 Kidney Disease. This usually means either dialysis or transplant in the near future – this is not only bad news for her, but she is the caregiver for her beloved husband of many years. 

This is devastating for both of them. She still needs one more test to help them determine future treatments, options, etc., but the diagnosis is in. This means I will not be updating you on this – it is what it is. It will be ongoing. But they will need long-time ongoing prayers.

Dear, Loving, Merciful Jesus, you who loved your friend Lazarus, at least glance in the direction of my friend and her husband, and send them all the grace, strength, courage and patience they need to get through the coming issues they will be facing. Stay with them, beside them, and in them, the whole way. I entrust them to your loving care.  

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