Tuesday, May 5, 2015

De-Cluttering Back Drive Area Progress

Today had me dealing with two major events. One was my outside decluttering and the other was my lower dentures breaking once again.

As most of you know who read this regularly, I’ve been working hard every morning before the heat sets in, to declutter my back drive area. The Park gave me notice about the stuff I had stacked and stashed there.

This morning, the past few days’ efforts found me tired and a bit sore. I wasn’t sure I felt like tackling it. Still, by 10 I was out there. I’ve got it down to such a small amount now that I hated to stall at that point.

So, today I put the rest of everything that will go to the October park-wide-yard-sale into the shed. I also took two small cartons that need to be sorted later but at least are into a box marked household/auto. 

All I have left outside is four boxes that are generally craft-related and I need to go through that and sort, once more, into various give-away piles. I need to just sit, put a box on a table while outside, and do that. It’s just tedious – not hard. I’m almost done. What a good feeling that is, already.

The dentures are holding about 2 to 4 weeks at a time with the gluing. I suspect they have been reattached so many times now, especially these past six months, that I am simply gluing glue to more glue. Still, it is better than not having them at all. I cannot get new ones for at least a year.

They broke early this morning while I was in the car taking some mail to the post office. Breakfast was soft and easy, but it was a challenge to deal with lunch and dinner while the glue set. If I bite down too enthusiastically with just the uppers, I can cut the bottom gums. Still, I enjoyed a hot bowl of oatmeal (with a gob of peanut butter and a gob of apple sauce) for lunch, and a can of mushy veggie soup for dinner. They were both filling and reasonably healthy. And, tomorrow, I can once again eat properly.

Oh, and I found an old cuckoo clock in the shed. It’s partially dismantled because we were going to fix it ourselves – can’t remember if we were waiting to get a bellows or what, it was so long ago. Anyhow, I sent emails to two clock shops in town who both repair and sell this type, so maybe I can find a good buyer. It was one that my brother sent us from Germany back in the 60s or 70s but it's not an official Black Forest version.

So, in spite of the denture break, it was not a bad day. In fact, it was rather productive. 

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