Monday, April 13, 2015

Worried About Two Friends of Mine

Tonight I am very worried about two friends of mine. Both ladies have been married “forever” to their guys and I love both couples.

One gal will heal. She broke her left arm bowling and I’m praying it will heal before a planned trip across the country in June.

The other one really has me worried. She has just found out that her kidneys are only working at 25% capacity. She’s very concerned that this might mean dialysis. This woman has been a loving caregiver for her husband for years now. She does not need this trouble on top of those that this couple already bears. 

Please, if you have a spare moment, offer a wee prayer for them?

Father, you know how I feel about these two women. Please watch over the one and help her heal easily and quickly. For the other, with the more serious issues, I ask for love and compassion and mercy from you on behalf of this loving and devoted couple  

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