Saturday, April 4, 2015

What Easter Means to Me

Aside from the fact that I will now eat chocolate as often as I want to once again (gave it up for Lent), Easter has deep meaning for me.

On a non-spiritual, secular level, it trumps New Year’s Day for new beginnings.

Easter Sunday is for me, and always will be, a day for new beginnings.
It is bigger than New Year’s Day. 

The very fact that Jesus rose from the dead, and for 2,000+ years, his love for all mankind has inspired millions, fills me with awe. It gives me hope. I know I am forgiven for what I’ve done in the past and that I can begin again. 

How wonderful is that?

Sweet Lord Jesus, I have no words good enough to say what is in my heart each Easter morning. Thank you for loving us enough to take on one of our bodies. This alone was a grand gesture. But to suffer as you did while in that body, to be beaten, humiliated, and mocked as you were, that was more special than I deserve. And to think that you could have eliminated any or all of your detractors and tormenters and killers, with just one glance, one nod, one thought – and yet you did what you had to do – that, too is awesome. Thank you – thank you – for the forever love you have shown to all mankind – and to me.      

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