Tuesday, March 3, 2015

On the Verge of Becoming a Millionaire!

I just learned something exciting about my plus-size shelter kitty. She’s been with the household since January 15, 2013 - a little over two years. She’ll be four years old this coming June. We renamed her Silkie because we couldn’t get used to the name she came with (Bayview - sounds like a beachfront condo!) and her fur, when brushed, is like silk.

Ok - here’s the deal. I think she can count! Yep! At least, I think she can count to three.

It took her over a year to learn that it was all right to come up on my lap. These days, when I am ready for quality time with her, I get onto Jane’s old lift chair, grab the control, and raise it so my feet are out straight and my back is tilted for her highness’ comfort level. 

The thing is - she will not just jump right up. She waits down on the floor until I invite her up. So, I look down, and I say the magic words: Up, Silkie! I repeat them - Up, Silkie! And once more, Up, Silkie! AND, on the third rep, she jumps up.

She never, never jumps up until the third “Up, Silkie!” 

So, that proves, doesn’t it, that she can count? At least, to three? 

So, now, how can I turn that into moolah for us? Thinking, thinking...

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