Saturday, January 3, 2015

This Year is Already Moving Too Quickly

Tomorrow will be the 4th and I haven’t done half of what I planned to do the first few days of this year. Truthfully, I haven’t done half of what I planned to do the first single day of the year, let alone the first few days of the year.

I seem to be getting a slow start. I told myself today that I would not allow it to stress me out. And then I took a wee nap.

I have finished a few left-over projects for year-end gifts, and mailed some. I will mail another tomorrow. And I will work on some more this week. 

But I have not yet defrosted that upright freezer. It’s long overdue. It’s probably the job I hate most to do. But once I do it, I can take advantage of grocery sales. And, I can make up lots and lots of crockpot meals. I will really benefit from the effort.

And I have not yet cleared off the big bed in the small, but warm, bedroom. It’s the coziest, warmest, most draft-free room in this old double-wide mobile. Winter has only begun and there will be lots of cold days ahead, so I still have time. But I had planned to have it done by now.   

And I do need to get back to the de-cluttering. It was on hold while I awaited clearance to lift more than 10 pounds after my rather “iffy” cataract surgery. I now have freedom to do that between now and the 29th.

There are also some things our charity crafters finished that I need to gather, log, and distribute for needy babies and for folks in a local hospice. I know I can handle that tomorrow and have them ready for early in the week. 

I think I just tired myself out. I’ll finish this up and go to bed. There’s always tomorrow. And the day after that...and...and...well, you know the drill. 

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