Thursday, January 1, 2015

Heart Trims for the Crafty Valentine Gift Maker

For anyone thinking of a DIY Valentine Day gift, time is important. You want something quick and easy. These cute little heart trims or embellishments are great. When I found the pattern, I couldn’t help making a bunch of them for my shop ( 

As for how to use them, I pictured lots of way. They can be added to a hair pin or clip. They can even be added to the prongs on a hair-comb, the kind you leave in your hair, up at the top.

I figured folks who were crafty could add a magnet. Or, they could add a pin on the back. They can be glued onto almost anything, or appliqued onto anything. They’d make cute attachments to key rings or cell phone or other electronic gadget clips. I think the ways to use there are unlimited.

Mostly, though, you need to get them in time to work with them. Shipping time can always be a bit unpredictable.  

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