Saturday, December 27, 2014

When Buying Online, Shipping Time Is Important

When you buy online, you have to build in shipping time when you begin shopping for an event. Take Valentine’s Day for example. It seems so far away. But in reality, it is only about 6 weeks off. And, there is that shipping time to consider.

This is the time to begin bookmarking or otherwise noting the things you are thinking about getting for those on your gift list. But what to get? You can easily go to and search Valentine’s Day. You will get an unbelievable list of hits - almost 200,000, in fact. That can be enough to make you quit shopping. 

For now, here are a few ideas from my own shop, In a day or so, I’ll do a treasury or two from other shops to help you narrow down your choices. Etsy treasuries give you 16 different ideas in almost one glance - it definitely can kick-start you into the right direction.

Time flies - don’t wait until it’s too late.    

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