Thursday, December 25, 2014

Looking Forward to the Two Week Reprieve Ahead

Monday the 29th is when they do the final checkup on my first eye surgery. So far, so good - the lens has not dislodged which was their biggest fear, given a genetic pre-disposition for that complication.

At that point, they should lift the ban on lifting more than 10 lbs and they should lift the ban on bending forward too far. They should also verify the next surgery will be on the 14th of January. 

That said, I will have two weeks to get some good stuff done. 

I really, really, REALLY must, MUST defrost my upright freezer. The ice hangs down; the ice builds upwards. No stalactites or stalagmites are present but I can’t figure out why because every other ice formation is in there. I couldn’t do this during the ban because it requires carrying heavy pot after pot of boiling water from one room to the other. It also involves low bending to deal with the newspaper on the floor (for water seepage) and cleaning it after it’s done - you all know the drill.

The other thing that requires either more than 10 lbs of lift or bending forward all the way is my now-deceased nephew’s bedroom. That is the warmest room in this old mobile home. Both my Silkie (my plus-size 3-1/2 yr old shelter kitty) and I would love to sleep in that big bed together during this winter. 

However, a few months ago I began using his nice big bed as a staging/collection area. I have a box for Safe Nest, a box for the next yard sale, and other piles and boxes. I have a heavy old printer that needs to be either recycled or dumped or given to someone who might be able to fix it. So, I really, really, really need to clear the stuff off that bed and put some nice fresh linens on it, and be warmer at night than I am now. My own bedroom is the master, and it’s very drafty. Hopefully, by this time next winter, I can swap out the beds and also de-draftify (my own word - sorry) that room.

So I’m looking forward to looking backward to having accomplished both those tasks when they are done.

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