Tuesday, December 30, 2014

About New Year’s Resolutions

I saw this on Facebook and I think this is the only thing I will try to do every day of the coming year. The original post (link below) doesn’t require daily notes, just when good things happen but I think I will do it daily. It will be easier to make it a habit and to remember to do it.

I already DO thank the Lord, every night, when I crawl into bed, for many little that happened during the day, but this would be more concrete and uplifting to review at year end - it would be my Christmas gift to ME! I found the original post at this link.

It is such a simple and easy thing for me to do and yet it accomplishes two things.

Once a day (for me, at night), it helps to focus the mind on blessings rather than on disappointments. 

Once a year, it blesses abundantly with an almost overwhelming showering of memories of gifts and blessings already received.

Father, this is such a simple thing but it will help me focus even further, every night, on what you did to bless me every day. Thank you for a way to help encourage me to do that.  And bless whoever first posted it!  

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