Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Please Continue Prayers for Two Friends in Need

Back on 8/24, I asked for prayers for two friends in need.  Please continue those prayers, big time.

The friend who might lose her rented mobile home is falling deeper into trouble. She is now doing community service to offset fines for driving without insurance. She has no idea how she can reinstate her car registration without the fees required. It looks like she will lose that vehicle for sure. She has a title loan on it and had hoped to sell it for the cost of that loan plus a few dollars for a bike.  She is fighting an unemployment appeal and has doubts that it will be resolved in her favor.

Please keep up your prayers, my friends.

The other lady is still in need of your prayers, as well. I need to get an update from her.

Sweet Jesus, you said that whenever a few of us are gathered in your name, as we are here, and if we pray in your name, the Father will hear us. We trust in your word. 

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