Friday, August 16, 2013

Sugar High vs. Sugar Stupor

Frank and I were talking tonight. In our pasts, before we joined forces to try to get his diabetes under control recently, and all my life, neither or us ever had what folks today call a sugar high.
Quite the opposite is true. When either of us overeat something sweet (ice cream, donuts, cheesecake, cookies, fudge, jelly beans, peeps, whatever), we slide into a comfy state we call sugar stupor.

I thought back to my childhood in the 40s. We had 3 kids in the house. Never did we have sugar highs. And yet, we always had homemade sweets, depending on what Mom or Aunt Kate had time and/or energy and/or funds to make. It varied - puddings, rock candy, pies, cookies, cake, fudge, all sorts of stuff.

I also remember that we were NEVER allowed to have sweets unless we had eaten our meals regularly. Maybe that's the difference. Back then, we ate real meals, at the table, sitting calmly (mostly but not always), until we were done. We had real meals packed for us for lunches. Mom always tried to put something healthy in our bags or lunchcans.

And, back in those days, a kid could not get away at school with eating dessert and tossing away their lunch. Teachers, in spite of big classes in Philly, had authority back then and they used it. They noticed. And parents were told, if the kids weren't eating what they brought. If we traded at lunchtime, we had to be very sneaky!

I don't know if those regular sit-down meals made a difference in our metabolizing the sugar or not. I still make sure any household I am involved in is very careful to have regular meals whenever possible. Sometimes work shifts make that tricky, but for the most part, I've held to that.
It seemed to make a difference in our lives - and I'm glad. I really love falling into a sugar stupor!  

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