Saturday, June 8, 2013

Do We Really Feel Dry Heat Less than Humid Heat?

It is often said that, because the heat is a dry heat here in Vegas, people really don't feel it much. Hmmm. Yes and no, in my case. After all, 110 is 110, no matter how dry it is. Most of the time, anything under 108, I can handle better out here than I could 90 in Philly's humidity when I was growing up.

Today we hit at least 110. On my front porch thermometer, on the east side, the coolest side, it was 113. There are times here when we hit 118. I don't mind the heat if it at least goes back down to 80 overnight. That helps a lot.

But out here, you can't really say it's "hot" unless it's 110 or more during the day, and 90 or more overnight. When it's like that, it never feels like it has cooled down. Fortunately, we do not get too many of those days during the summer.

And as for dry heat versus humid heat - all I can say is that I know it's hot, without looking at a gauge, when I know I must be sweating and I am not even damp because it is evaporating as fast as I can perspire.

When I first came to this area, my mom had already been here for over seven years. She reminded me that I had lived in 4 states: PA (Philly), NJ, southern CA, and now here. She reminded me that each state had its climate issues. I had lived through blizzards, "electric" storms, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, and more. She said this was no different, and she gave me good advice.

She said, when it gets really hot, just walk or move more slowly, always have drinking water nearby, and wear looser clothing. She was right...the heat is no big deal when one is willing to adjust to it rather than to fight it. But I have to admit, when it's 115, I do feel it, dry or not.


Anonymous said...

the dry heat of the desert southwest is like walking from the a/c inside into a blast furnace when going outdoors

the humid heat of the south/eastern states is like walking from the a/c into a super sauna when going outdoors

and that is the main difference between humid heat and dry heat

Evelyn Mayfield said...

I really love your comparison and explanation - I will definitely use it, a lot, when the subject comes up out here. It's a shame I can't give you real credit for this brilliant (LOL) observation because you are anonymouse, because you sure deserve it!!!