Monday, February 25, 2013

Losing Friends and Loved Ones, No Matter What the Reason

I've been in our senior mobile home community since 2001. We have over 400 homes and I've often felt it is like a small village.

Two days ago, we heard that one couple just put their home up for sale. Several months before that, the couple across from them did the same.

We've known these two couples the whole time we've lived here. I felt an upcoming sense of loss. I know I will sorely miss these folks. I've lost many dear friends in a similar way over the past 12 years.

Living in a senior community, loss is inevitable. Folks move away to be near the kids and grandkids. Others lose a spouse and either cannot bear to live in the same home alone, or cannot afford it on one income. Others just cannot afford the upkeep when their incomes go down after they stop working. And some just pass away.

Whatever the reason, I've learned to turn my thoughts backward. I have trained myself to enjoy remembering the good times. I've done the same thing whenever I miss my mom, my baby sis, my best friend. I make myself re-live the funniest moments, the most tender moments, the most exciting moments and all the other memories that made those people special.

The trick to living without those we've lost is to enjoy them while we've got them around us. Too many of the folks I know literally shut out the world. That is so sad. Memories are one of God's greatest gifts to us. I've only begun to realize this as I've grown older. Or, maybe I should say, as I've "grown up."

Father, take good care of these friends as they move on to another path on their road in life, and thank you for letting our paths cross.

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Cathy said...

I went to a dear Christian brother's funeral yesterday. You never know just how special someone is until they are gone, then you realize just what a 'light' they were in your life..and in the life of others.