Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Holy Week Thoughts Of Courage and Cowardice

It is almost the end of Lent. It is the middle of Holy Week. We all realize, of course, that our days might be a bit "off" because of all the changes through the centuries, but we focus on the current days on our current calendars.

Tomorrow evening would be the Last Supper. The devoted and passionate disciples joined their beloved Master for the Passover meal. Then everything began to fall apart. They were told he would not be with them much longer. In addition, one of them betrayed Jesus. Even worse, the most dedicated of all, Peter, denied his Lord three times.

That is the part that I often think about this time of year. I know, in my heart of hearts, that I would not be faithful enough to face up to an army of centurions and declare my faith at the risk of death. I might argue points of faith and defend them passionately with some. But risk death? I do not think so.

Yet every day, in third world countries, people who are Christians in non-Christian areas, do face and suffer horrors and death. I should pray for those people and pray often. Their struggles go on, day after day. We, or at least I, have it so much easier, so much better, than they do. I'm not talking material goods here. I'm talking freedom to worship Jesus as Lord and Savior. I take that for granted far too often.

Jesus, forgive my lack of compassion for, and understanding of, what others around the world are going through for your sake. Coward that I am, I do not wish to be in their place. However, I pray that you will accept this poor weak follower's prayers and watch over these children of yours in other parts of the world. Bless them, comfort them, and please protect them as much as possible.   

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