Sunday, April 1, 2012

DIY Easter Printables - Egg Wrappers and Letters from the Easter Bunny

It's getting close to Easter now and time might be short for some of you. Thought I'd share a site with a ton of great Easter printables. Read carefully below to see how to be sure you see them all (Easter bunny letters, egg wrappers, coloring pages, etc.). The photo shows designs you print, cut and wrap around dyed eggs.

When you go to the site (at this link), be sure to go to the scroll bar on the left and select your category, and scroll down when the page loads.

The photo (from the site) shows printable egg wrappers. At the site, you can choose from a few color themes. You print them and then wrap and tape them around dyed eggs or even around egg-sized candies from the store. Aren't they cute? And all you have to do is print them and cut them out. Select the Easter Crafts category and you'll find both the bunny style and a farmer-and-wife "costume" for your dyed eggs. This category also has printable bunny ears for the kids (or adults) to wear, as well.

This site has a ton of Letters from the Easter Bunny. They have letters for kids, for kids with siblings, for adults, and even religious letters. When you get to this category, be sure to check them all. You'll find a few gag-letters for grownups in here, as well as one for a Secret Easter Bunny. There are even letters for hiding Easter treats for both kids as well as adults.

They have over 20 different coloring pages. These would be nice to roll and tuck into a paper-towel tube and place across the top of the Easter basket.

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