Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jesus Understands Our Physical and Emotional Issues

I was thinking tonight as I said my prayers about how rarely I realize that Jesus understands our human body and its medical and emotional issues better than we give him credit for.

It's true the Father created me. The Father knows every cell in my body and how many hairs I have on my head (far too few, I admit) and what is in my heart and soul.

But his son, Jesus, knows how that body feels and understands our emotions in a way that only a being who carried an earthly body can know it.

Physically, he knows about pain, and he endured so much of that for us in his last days. So when I, or someone I know, is in pain, I can feel completely at ease asking for his understanding and help. He knows about hunger. He knows about homelessness because his own family had to leave where he was born and travel, under threat of violence, to a strange land. He understands lack of sleep and fatigue. He suffered temptations just as I do.

Emotionally, he felt anger in the temple. He felt disappointment when Peter denied him. He almost felt despair when he thought his Father had abandoned him. He felt love for many of his friends and relatives.

All these things considered, and so much more, I should feel very much at ease when I call upon him for help.

Sweet Jesus, thank you for coming here and experiencing what we experience. You understand what each part of our body feels and needs. You know why we think as we do. I can come to you with any earthly, worldly problem and know you will understand. What a wonderful comfort that is to me.

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