Sunday, March 11, 2012

About Amigurumi and Kawaii

I finally got smart and searched online for a real explanation of the meanings for Amigurumi and Kawaii. I have seen so many patterns and so many finished items that carry these tags and descriptions but I was a bit fuzzy on what the words really meant. Here is what I found.

"Amigurumi are knit or crochet animals/plushies. They are cute, handmade, stuffed toys that are Japanese in origin. Amigurumi toys are almost always animals with round bodies, somewhat large heads and small limbs. The goal is to create something that is very 'Kawaii' or cute. They are usually done by repeating a single crochet stitch in the round. " - from Answers.Com

Another line on their page says that "Amigurumi is a knitted or crocheted small stuffed animal."

You have no idea how much relief that gives me. I have felt quite stupid.

True, I was able to see one of these adorable critters and recognize them as Amigurumi (even though I don't think I pronounce it correctly), but I wasn't sure at all about what made them really fit that category or niche.

Now I am not only confident in that area, I just might try one or two. My problem is that I absolutely hate attaching tiny pieces by sewing them with anything smaller than a yarn needle. A small needle and thread in my hands is a disaster (sigh).

Oh, and I found the photo on Red Heart's website. It is a free pattern (click this link). And I found the pattern by searching the Amigurumi patterns on CrochetPatternCentral.  

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