Saturday, February 11, 2012

I've Been Pinned & I Love It!

My blog stats showed a sudden surge in the number of views per day. When I checked the traffic sources, I found I've been "pinned" on Pinterest. And re-pinned and re-pinned and on and on and on - what exposure. All the pins on that page are from posts from my blog.

NOW, if I could just get someone to pin something from my Etsy shop (LOL).

These current pins are mostly for the projects I've featured on two of my DIY series - one is for Christmas projects and one is for Valentine's Day.

I've also had a craft tip pinned which tells how to sharpen scissors (that's where the photo for this post originates), when crafting, the easy way and my free crochet pattern for the homeless has also been pinned.

Of course, each of these viewers are looking at my blog. My blog mentions my Etsy shop in several ways. I always have a photo gallery of the latest Etsy treasuries featuring one of my shop items, in the right scroll bar. At the top of the right scroll bar, I have a widget which has a slide show of my Etsy shop items.

When it comes to publicity and advertising, this is all free, everything I've just been talking about.

And, when it comes to publicity, I'm sure that "any" exposure is a good thing. Each person coming to check out something on my blog is also a potential Etsy customer. How great is that?

Pinterest seems to be difficult to get into. I've sent a request for an Invite several times, about once a month. I think I'm going to try a different approach. I think I contact some of the folks who have pinned me and ask they how THEY got their invites. Maybe a referral from an existing member is the way to do it. If I find out, I'll share the news. If I get in, I'll share that, too, and then I can pin some of you!

After all, we each want folks to come visit us and hopefully to stay and buy.

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Karen said...

I could invite you. I am not sure why you have not been invited. It usually just takes a couple of daysto receive an invite from them once you ask. Anyway,If you want me to send you an invite, please send me your email address.