Thursday, December 22, 2011

Unexpected Blessings

Today I received a most welcome surprise by UPS. I had entered a blog giveaway last week, and two days afterward, found out I was a winner. It offered a gift basket of Fresh & Easy products plus a $25 card for their store. I never dreamed it would arrive before Christmas.

Our household has had some tough moments, financially. Gas for the car worries us because it is needed so my nephew can get to work and we need his income, such as it is. At only minimum wage and averaging 25 hrs per week, it's tricky spreading that check as far as it needs to go.

This week, we hadn't mentioned to anyone we knew, but we were facing canned soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for Christmas (LOL). We weren't really upset or anything about it. It was, after all, food. And we were happy to have that, knowing that so many in this country will not even have that much.

Today, however, with the gift card, I can pick up a ham and some other things. Not only will that take care of a few days (I can really "work" that ham, let me tell you!), but we have unexpected treats as well. There is a pound of ground Cinnamon coffee, a tin of peppermint cocoa, a bag of nut/cranberry squares, a bag of pumpkin/cranberry granola clusters, a box of chocolate truffles, and a box of nice-sized DELICIOUS gingerbread men. Plus, there is a bottle of mulled red wine. I may have forgotten one or two things. The thing is, we never expected "treats" this weekend, let alone a tasty dinner.

I had not even prayed for these things. The Lord provided in a way we never expected. How good is that?

Dear Father in heaven, thank you with all our hearts for blessing this humble household with such a treasure this weekend. We are very grateful for your generosity and compassion. I pray that I will always be mindful of your help and that I will try to help others in return.


Cheryl Martin said...

Hi! Evie!

So glad to hear you received this great surprise in the mail! God is good all fo the time! I haven't spoken with you since the gathering group yahoo group ended. Sorry to hear about the finanical struggles, me and my family have been dealing with these issues as well I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers. Merry Christmas!

Evelyn Mayfield said...

So good to hear from you, Cheryl. I'll be keeping you and yours in my prayers, as well!
Have a peace-filled Christmas.