Thursday, December 1, 2011

Showing His Love to Those I Have Trouble Loving

I've been trying to think of a way to give something special to the Christ child this season, this year. This is the season of loving and of giving.

One way I thought of was to promise myself to give something to, or do something for, someone who I do not particularly like. Now, that would be special. However, I want to be careful to do it in the right spirit. I don't want to make a show of it. I might try to do it anonymously. Maybe I could do this once a week, between now and his birthday. That would be a good thing.

I'd like to think of one thing each day that would be special. For now, I think I'll work on that idea I just explained. I've already wasted one day because I only thought of this tonight.

Maybe I should just concentrate on that one thing, once a week. It would surely be better than anything I've done in his name in other recent years.

Sweet Jesus, please guide me, once a week, to someone I find it hardest to love. And please, guide my thoughts so that I may think of something to do for that person, or to give to that person, in your name. This will be my gift to you this year.

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