Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Palm Sunday - Palm Weaving

Each year, I try to remember to post with current links for weaving items from the Palm Sunday palm strips.

When I was a little girl, someone in our family, and I cannot remember who, used to make little baskets out of the Palm Sunday palm strips. I used to make very simple crosses. A dear old friend of mine said she remembered riding home from Palm Sunday Mass with her stepdad and watching him weave roses and other items.

Once again, I am too late for my own goals of making some of these in time to wear on Palm Sunday. But this time, I at least found some links and I'll have them for next year. I also found a site where I (or anyone) can buy bunches of palm for that purpose.

In the Catholic Church, we like the priest to "bless" our spiritual items, so I might buy the palm during the year, make some things, and have them blessed and ready for next year.

Some of the items are sad, remembering the suffering of Jesus on Good Friday; others are joyous, remembering his triumph on Palm Sunday.

Here are some links for any of you who are interested.

To weave a Christian fish symbol and other palm weaving patterns, click here

To weave a Crown of Thorns, and for a braid pattern, click here

Palm Weaving in General (braid, cone, cross, rose bud, more), click here
Palm Weaving in General, click here

Palm Frond Bird, click here

Palm Leaf Cross - excellent diagrams, click here

Order Palm Strips (2 sites for ordering throughout the year- they sell out quickly during the Lenten season), click here, and click here.

I hope you will enjoy browsing this long-time method of sharing the joy of Palm Sunday.

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